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Dennis Publishing

It’s only when you look back you realise just how basic our back end system was. Now we have something that can grow with us. We have a level of confidence in the accuracy of the system we never had previously. We’ve made more people accountable, and we’ve freed, and continue to free, huge amounts of time across the business. I’d definitely recommend Trace.

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The Cobra Group

On the odd occasion we’ve struggled to meet our deadlines she’s helped us get back on track.

Not so long ago we finally met our contact at Trace face to face, after years of working together over the phone and online. It was like meeting an old friend – and that’s why I’d recommend Trace Payroll Services.

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Herman Miller

The switch to Easipay Plus was a seamless one, and since then Trace has been helping CBS realise the full potential of the new service.

I have confidence in Trace’s people. They want to resolve our issues. They want to get to the bottom of whatever issue is affecting us. They care. That’s why I’d recommend Trace Payroll Services

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Paris Smith Solicitors logo

Paris Smith LLP

A few weeks ago I had to make a few last minute changes to our payroll. I needed help with a couple of points and I called our regular contact at Trace. ‘It’s no problem,’ she said, ‘I’ll do it.’

That level of care really matters. Having someone I know at the end of the line, who knows our business and understands our payroll, makes my life easier.

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Drive Vauxhall logo

Drive Vauxhall

Almost 100% of our payslips are now delivered electronically. Implementing the system was easy and our people appreciate getting their payslips this way. It’s more secure for the recipient, it helps us meet our environmental aspirations as it cuts down on paper usage, and it reduces the cost of delivery.

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Gant logo


Store managers are now able to submit their payroll data online. And because we are able to preview each month’s payroll we can eradicate
errors before they have a chance to make an impact.

Working with Trace felt like a partnership from day one. It still does.

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John Laing logo

John Laing plc

I like working with smaller providers. They can be far more engaged with you. They want to work with you. They want to make a difference.

The switch to e-payslips has been seamless. Trace made everything easy to understand and it’s not raised any accessibility issues.

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Sydenhams logo


With Trace I rediscovered the sort of personal service I feared didn’t exist anymore. One point of contact. One payroll officer with whom I’ve built a really strong working relationship.

I have the confidence my payroll will be right. I trust them. I wanted a payroll service that was spotless every month. Trace’s is.

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Tysers logo


With Trace’s help we’ve been able to create an appraisal process that people actually like because it’s so quick and simple.

If you want a managed payroll service with integrated HR, that’s simple and that really works, talk to Trace.

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