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BACS Approved Bureau

Trace Payroll Services is a BACS Approved Bureau which means it is approved by BACS Payment Schemes Limited to submit payment transactions to BACS on behalf of third-party organisations. To achieve the status of a BACS Approved Bureau, Trace Payroll Services have been inspected and have met the appropriate standards of business, security, technical and operational competence. BACS Approved Bureaux are regularly inspected to ensure that they continue to meet the current best practice standards required.

Over 50% of organisations make their Direct Debit and Direct Credit payment submissions through BACS Approved Bureau.

A BACS Approved Bureau must adhere to regulated standards – they are inspected at least once every 3 years to assess standards in:

  • Physical security
  • Computer operations
  • Applications and systems support
  • BACS processing and operations

Security is a very serious consideration and to achieve BACS Approved Bureau status there are strict requirements governing this – all meaning that using a BACS Approved Bureau to manage your payroll payments will mean your data is as secure as possible.

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