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Customer Charter

Customers come first at Trace Payroll Services. Our staff are passionate about customer care and, as a business, we are committed to providing an unrivalled level of service with a focus on accuracy, quality and personal service.

Our 10 point Customer Charter is based on the things that our customers have told us are important and clearly sets out the standards that you should expect from Trace Payroll Services.

At Trace Payroll Services we are committed to ensure that we will:-
  1. Pay your employees accurately, on time and every time
  2. Process and manage your payroll in the UK
  3. Provide you with a named Payroll Officer who will run your payroll every month
  4. Give you the direct dial number and email address of your Payroll Officer
  5. Respond promptly to telephone and email enquiries
  6. Publish a mutually agreed processing schedule each calendar year
  7. Validate the data that we receive from you
  8. Maintain a comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan
  9. Provide payroll services that comply with statutory requirements
  10. Build a strong working relationship to ensure we continue to meet your business expectations

Our Customer Services Director measures our performance against the key service areas in our Customer Charter and we regularly conduct feedback surveys to ensure that our customers are totally satisfied with all aspects of our payroll service.

Our Service Guarantee further demonstrates the confidence that we have in our ability to deliver a high-quality payroll service.

Find out more about our Service Guarantee here

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