Outsourced Payroll Specialists

Outsourcing Your Payroll

Outsourcing to a third-party payroll provider is the simplest, most efficient and most flexible way to cost-effectively manage your payroll.

By choosing Trace Payroll Services as your go-to payroll partner, you’ll benefit from your own payroll processing team as we become an extension of your business. Whether you have a complex business structure or are a small team, Trace Payroll Services offers an easy way to ensure your staff are paid correctly, and on time.


Why outsource your payroll?
  • You know all costs in advance – this makes budgeting much simpler
  • You save time and moneyuse our payroll calculator to work out how much you can save if you outsourced your payroll to Trace Payroll Services
  • There is no administrative burden that is associated with managing your own payroll in-house, freeing up your team to manage other parts of the business
  • You don’t need to worry about changes in payroll legislation and statutory requirements – these are accounted for as part of Trace Payroll’s outsourced service
  • You avoid dealing with HM Revenue and Customs and other government agencies
  • There are no IT and training costs of running your own payroll department and you don’t have to rely on your IT department for support
  • You have no need for any capital expenditure – no software, hardware or stationery to buy
  • You don’t require any payroll expertise; your payroll will be taken care of by dedicated specialists
  • You avoid the inconveniences and costs of covering payroll staff on leave – either unplanned (sickness) or planned (holiday) leave can mean you need to organise cover
  • Confidentiality, processing accuracy and meeting payment deadlines are prerequisites of our outsourced payroll provision
  • All standard or company specific reports are designed to meet your organisation’s exact requirements now and in the future
  • You have peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your payroll is being taken care of by professionals

Payroll outsourcing from dedicated specialists

Your named contact at Trace Payroll Services will take care of all aspects of payroll, freeing up your staff to take care of the more important tasks, such as running and growing the business. Our team of experts will work to a mutually agreed schedule, with a 99.45% payslip accuracy rate at the first edit.

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