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Cost of Running your Payroll In-house

Complete the fields on this page and it will add up all the costs of running your payroll in-house.

When you have worked out all the total costs, please contact Trace Payroll Services or request a quotation right away to make a cost comparison with our managed payroll service. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised to see how cost-effective our solution is.

In-house Payroll Cost Calculator

Find out the total annual cost of running your payroll in-house

Staff Costs
Fully loaded employee costs are typically base salary plus 30% to 50% £
Memberships and Subscriptions £
Sickness/Holiday and Maternity Cover
Recruitment Costs
Staff Training
Payroll software £
Legislation updates £
Payroll software - annual maintenance charges £
Payroll software back up and archiving (Disaster Recovery) £
Investing in new software £
BACS software and maintenance charges £
BACS transmission costs £
IT Support
Internal support for both hardware & software £
Cost and replacement of Servers and PCs £
Cost and replacement of printers £
Back up Servers, PCs and printers (Disaster Recovery) £
Add Ons
Stationery - specialist payslips, P45s and P60s £
Ink cartridges for printers £
Flexible reporting to provide good management data to effectively £
Manage your biggest cost - staff £

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