You Run Your Own In-house Payroll

Outsourcing your payroll reduces the stress of running your payroll. A fully managed payroll service is the most efficient and cost effective way to manage your payroll.

Have you ever calculated the actual cost of running your payroll in-house?

Running your payroll in-house means you have to:

  • Keep up with legislation – this takes time for you to research and check (the onus is on you to be legal and correct after all)
  • you need to upgrade and pay maintenance on your payroll software – with annual charges and the need to involve IT this takes time and costs you money
  • IT support from your own department and that of your payroll software provider uses up more time and costs.
  • You have to provide your own IT hardware – Printers, PCs, IT department support time to keep them working…
  • Backing up your payroll information system regularly, making sure you have good security and have an active disaster recovery plan in place all takes time!
  • Of course there are also staff costs – training, time spent on administration and payroll filing, not to mention holiday, sickness and other leave to cover, recruitment costs should also be considered.
  • Actual costs of your payroll stationery requirements shouldn’t be underestimated either – payslips, envelopes, paper for reports, printer cartridges…it all adds up.

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