You use a Payroll Bureau

If you currently use a Payroll Bureau service your own payroll department will have to spend time:
  • Collecting and collating your payroll data
  • Calculating overtime
  • Making updates to statutory payments
  • Working out National Insurance contributions
  • Administering pension payments

When all the information required for your Payroll is collected, this data is sent to your payroll bureau services provider electronically who will run the payroll on your behalf.

So even if you are ‘outsourcing’ the Payroll run to a Payroll Bureau you still have to:
  • Employ experienced payroll staff – investing in training, time spent on administration and payroll filing
  • Organise cover for holiday, sickness and other leave for payroll staff
  • Factor in recruitment costs of payroll staff
  • Keep up to date with legislation – this takes time for you and your payroll staff to research and check (the onus is on you to be legal and correct afterall)

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