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Keeping your office stocked ready for staff

One of the hardest parts of running a business of any kind is managing staff morale and keeping that balance between the needs of the business and the needs of the individual. Sometimes the questions around morale are high level stuff – staff being unhappy with line managers or feel that they aren’t getting a fair share of overtime opportunities. Other times it can be simple frustrations such as a coffee machine that is never stocked. Here are some simple ideas to help organise things, big and small, that help keep the workforce happy.

Never the right equipment

From staples for the stapler to replacement parts of the main equipment used within the business, one of the biggest irritations for staff can be not having the right equipment or parts available. Sure, a business doesn’t stock everything that might be needed but by organising petty cash and stock finances better, it is possible to ensure that the most commonly used items are in place. And this not only stops the complaint but increases efficiency as staff aren’t wasting time ordering or finding the item.

Organise overtime

If your business is the kind that offers extra shifts to staff depending on what’s happening each week, then it pays to use some kind of software to organise this overtime. Any hint of favouritism, even unfounded, can quickly lead to serious discord in the workplace. So by using software to help organise shift patterns and allow everyone to have a fair share of the overtime, you can stop this problem from occurring.

Stock the coffee machine

Extras such as coffee machines can be a big benefit to the workplace – staff feel their needs are cared for and that they matter. But this positive can become a negative if the sundries needed to work with the machine aren’t ordered. As a business owner, you probably won’t do it all yourself but make sure you delegate someone to be in charge of this area, usually someone who deals with petty cash for the business.

Outsource hated tasks

One of the big growth areas in terms of business types has been freelance companies who offer specialist services on demand. An example is working with a payroll provider or bookeeper – formerly you would either have to hire a full time accountant that you may not really need or getting someone within the company to do the job. Often this would be under protest and make them feel burdened or uncertain about what they were doing. However, with the ability to outsource these tasks, you can let staff do the jobs they are paid to do and have specialists take on the role.

Be flexible

Another big change in recent times has been the growth of flexible work schedules. While these don’t work for all business types, if your company can manage it, there is a big benefit to boosting staff morale. It allows staff to be at work when suits them as well as when works for the business and ensures that they are happier and more motivated.

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