Frequently Asked Questions


Who are Trace Payroll Services?

Trace Payroll Services are a company that has been providing Payroll services for over 30 years. They employ experienced payroll professionals to provide a Managed Payroll service for small and medium sized companies in the UK. Trace Payroll Services are part of Trace Group plc.


What is Managed Payroll?

Managed Payroll is an outsourced service that provides companies with all their payroll requirements. Managed Payroll is more than a bureau service as it covers all aspects of Payroll including paperwork, liaising with HMRC, calculations and payments themselves.


What do users of Trace Payroll Services think of the service?

Managed Payroll from Trace Payroll Services has allowed many organisations to reduce the costs and remove the stress of running their own payroll either in-house or via a bureau. Trace Payroll Services has also replaced other Managed Payroll providers as companies prefer their well priced, personal service.


What software does Trace Payroll Services use?

Trace Payroll Services uses TracePay to compile and managed all of their clients payroll data. TracePay is extremely flexible, allowing for users to view, analyse and report on payroll data in any way they want to.


How much does Managed Payroll from Trace Payroll Services Cost?

The cost of Managed Payroll for your organisation will depend on your requirements. Please request a quotation and we will send you an indication of costs for your exact payroll needs.


Why should I use a Managed Payroll Service?

If you currently manage your own payroll in-house you can make significant time, staff and cost savings with a Managed Payroll service. Read more here about the benefits of outsourcing your payroll. To calculate how much your in-house payroll is currently costing your organisation click here.

If you currently outsource some aspects of your payroll, to a bureau for example, click here which will remind you of what you currently still have to prepare for your payroll in-house.


What is the Trace Payroll Service Guarantee?

The Trace Payroll Service Guarantee is our way of demonstration that we will stand by our claims of quality, accuracy and personal service.

For all new customers we offer a no questions asked cancellation policy in the first 6 months.  All we ask is that you give 3 months’ notice if you no longer want to use the Trace Payroll Service for any reason.


How do I know the Managed Payroll service offered by Trace Payroll Services is secure and confidential?

When managing your payroll Trace Payroll Services adopt a personal approach to service with a dedicated contact, and small team of payroll professionals looking after your payroll needs.

Trace Payroll Services is a BACS Approved Bureau. To be a BACS Approved Bureau strict security requirements need to be met. We also have strict quality guidelines in place for the provision of the Managed Payroll service.


What is the process if I want to switch my Payroll to Trace Payroll Services?

To outsource all of your payroll requirements to Trace Payroll Services a detailed implementation plan is followed. The process is tailored exactly to your requirements as an organisation and the implementation takes place to agreed timescales.


How can I find out more about Trace Payroll Services and/or Managed Payroll?

This website offers a good deal of information about Trace Payroll Services and the Managed Payroll service offered – but if you can’t find the information you are looking for please use the search facility in the top right hand of the website.

If you have further questions please do either call someone at Trace Payroll Services now on 0845 873 5619