Professional Implementation

Trouble free implementation is the start of your Managed Payroll service from Trace Payroll Services – we make sure your requirements are clearly understood and met.

If you outsource your payroll to Trace Payroll Serves a dedicated implementer is assigned to your organisation. The implementer will already have knowledge of your requirements from consultations that took place while you evaluated the service.

Meetings at evaluation stage with an implementer ensure that Trace Payroll Services can meet your payroll requirements within proposed time scales and any other technical constraints.

How the Trace Payroll Service implementation process works:

Your Trace Payroll Services implementer will call you to plan your managed payroll service implementation – they will:

  • Discuss payroll data and set-up requirements
  • Set up a comprehensive customer profile
  • Offer consultancy for your managed payroll service
  • Provide an implementation plan & timetable

The implementation plan and timetable will then be finalised and agreed between you and the implementer.

The implementation plan will contain all the necessary steps required to take your payroll forward to live processing with Trace Payroll Services.

Regular communication takes place during the implementation phase to ensure that you are kept informed and up-to-date with progress.

When your first live payroll run is completed, your implementer will carry out a detailed check of all aspects of your payroll run to confirm that everything is running smoothly.

Your trouble free implementation of Trace Payroll Services managed Payroll is then complete!