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Should Employees be Paid for their Commute Time?

The commute to and from work has long been an unavoidable part of the work day. For people around London and the larger UK cities, the commute continues to grow in terms of time spent. So many people are now using this commute to do work-related activities including handling emails and preparing for the day… Read More

How to Reduce Time Processing Payroll

Payroll can easily be the most complex task that a business must handle. Organising information, ensuring it is accurate and then completing the process of actually paying staff can be challenging when you are trained in payroll. If you have someone managing payroll as part of their day to day job, it can be a… Read More

What are the Benefits of Remote Working?

Working remotely, whether from home or another location, has been a big change to working life. People can work anywhere they have an internet connection and with cloud computing, there is little they can’t do remotely. The benefits for the employee are clear but what about for the business? Why remote working is popular One… Read More

How to Process Pay for Employees on Retainer Contracts

There are many different types of contracts available for employees and for self-employed people.  One that crosses this boundary and is used by both is the retainer contract. Many freelance and self-employed people are on retainers for a business. But employees can also be placed on a retainer. So if you have retainer employees, how… Read More