Outsourced Payroll Specialists

Why are payroll qualifications important?

The internet has brought many great things to our lives, but one of the downsides is the growth in online courses that provide qualifications that aren’t to the standard of others. People can get taken in and end up paying money for a course that isn’t recognised by employers. And in the same way, people… Read More

How outsourcing payroll will save your staff time and energy

Payroll is a crucial task for any business with staff, but is also time-consuming and frustrating if it isn’t your natural job. Trying to get the hang of all of the elements of payroll can take a lot of time and leave employees frustrated and worn out. But there is a simple solution to the… Read More

What is a BACS Payment?

BACS is the name given to the direct payment system used by many companies around the UK for payroll and other services. The system is operated by BACS Payment Schemes Limited, a membership system comprised of the 19 leading banks and building societies in the country. But how does the system work and are there… Read More

Should you hire a payroll manager or outsource your payroll services?

As your business grows and you start to add employees to it, the question of payroll becomes a bigger one. There are two paths to take – you can hire a payroll manager or outsource your payroll to an expert. So what are the pros and cons of these two routes? Why hire a payroll… Read More