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Are You Still Using Paper Payslips?

For many years, there was only one real way to issue a pay slip – print it off and hand or mail it to your employees. However, times have changed and as many aspects of payroll have gone digital, so too have the payslip. So, are you still using paper format? And is it time… Read More

What Needs to Be in Your Year-End Checklist?

When you run a business, one of the big dates in your calendar is the end of the year.  This doesn’t always correspond with the end of the calendar year in December but can either be the end of the financial year at the end of March or your business year.  Whatever the case, there… Read More

How Does Parental Leave Affect Payroll?

Parental leave is something that all businesses face and handling the various aspects involved with it is something that needs to be done in a standardised way.  From covering the staff to organising the payroll, businesses need to have a system in place to ensure everyone gets their rights and is treated fairly. Maternity leave… Read More

Gender Pay Gap Update

One of the hot topics for businesses around the country at the moment is the gender pay gap.  The difference between what a company pays a man and a woman in average hourly earnings is so important that the government have brought in measures about publishing it.  But what do you need to do for… Read More