Outsourced Payroll Specialists

What to do with a new employee’s past pension

Before a new employee starts in your company, you will need to make sure their pension scheme is set up successfully. Making sure the employee understands the pension plan your business offers is essential and can aid in helping them settle into the business. But if your employee has an existing workplace pension from a… Read More

How do payroll services work?

Payroll is something that all companies with employees will need to deal with.  The bigger the company, the more complex the payroll becomes.  That is why many businesses now outsource their payroll to experts who can handle it for them and make sure they cover all their legal requirements.  But how do payroll services work?… Read More

10 questions to ask your payroll provider

Once you have even a single employee, payroll becomes something you need to handle.  There are many rules surrounding pay, ensuring it is completed on time and that tax and national insurance are handled correctly.  That’s why many businesses are turning to an outsourced payroll provider to handle it for them.  But what questions should… Read More

Working Out National Insurance Contributions

National Insurance or NI is the other main deduction that employees see from their pay packets and employers are required to make.  NI contributions are worked out differently to tax with different starting points and other conditions.  It is a key part of payroll and can be quite complex, which is why managed payroll can… Read More