Outsourced Payroll Specialists

Working Out National Insurance Contributions

National Insurance or NI is the other main deduction that employees see from their pay packets and employers are required to make.  NI contributions are worked out differently to tax with different starting points and other conditions.  It is a key part of payroll and can be quite complex, which is why managed payroll can… Read More

How to Calculate Overtime?

One of the most common causes for disputes between companies and their staff is over the payment of overtime.  From how much has been worked to when it should be paid, overtime can be a complicated area. So how do you calculate overtime and ensure it is paid in the right pay period? Overtime basics… Read More

How Much Holiday Pay Am I Entitled To?

One of the advantages of being an employee is that you are entitled to statutory holidays away from your job.  That means that almost all employees are entitled to a set minimum period of time off each year, although some employers offer more than this figure as a perk or benefit of the job.  But… Read More

Are You Still Using Paper Payslips?

For many years, there was only one real way to issue a payslip – print it off and hand or mail it to your employees. However, times have changed and as many aspects of payroll have gone digital, so too have payslips. So, are you still using paper format? And is it time to consider… Read More