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Types of businesses that outsource their payroll services

Regardless of the size and type of business that you are involved with, there is one constant – you can’t do everything yourself. That’s why outsourcing tasks is an important part of having a successful business. One of the top jobs to outsource is payroll, but what kind of businesses do it and what benefits does it bring?

Small businesses

Perhaps the biggest group to use payroll services is small businesses. Even if you only have one employee in addition to yourself, you need to comply with all the latest regulations regarding payroll, PAYE, national insurance and many other elements. This means that there is a lot for a business owner to learn and remember regarding payroll and is one of the main reasons that it is commonly outsourced.

Another reason is the software required to run payroll. Most payroll specialists will use dedicated software for the purpose and while there can be workarounds using everyday programs to some degree – such as keeping track of working hours – you really need the right software to complete the task properly and efficiently. So, businesses that don’t deal with this area as part of their business find it more logical to outsource than invest in the software and training they would require.

Medium-sized businesses

As the business grows, so too does the workforce and therefore the complications of the payroll department. Businesses that have reached the unofficial ‘medium-sized business’ status may already have some kind of in-house accountancy staff, maybe to undertake basic bookkeeping, track staff working hours and other similar tasks.

However, because payroll is a complex area with many different elements to control, this type of business often continues to outsource payroll. This allows any staff working in accountancy within the business to focus their attention on the day to day matters and allow the payroll services to be handled by a specialist. Additionally, if the business runs across more than one location, the payroll company can handle compiling information from these different sites to group together as a unified company.

Large businesses

For large businesses, the complexity of regulations applying to payroll, tax and national insurance can be staggering with multiple employees working different contracts. Rather than requiring someone within the business who is constantly updating themselves in this area, the company can allow the specialist to handle it.

Working with experts

Regardless of the size of your business, there are benefits to payroll outsourcing and companies from industries across the board make use of these services. It frees up staff, increases accuracy and ensures that the business complies with all regulations as well making certain that staff are always paid accurately and on time.

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