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How to encourage employee productivity

Productivity is something that is often talked about in business but can be hard to handle. How do you make employees more productive without treating them like computers? How do you encourage naturally better productivity without risking people slacking off? The key is somewhere in the middle so here are some expert tips. Create a… Read More

What are the disadvantages of a payroll bureau?

One of the biggest headaches for businesses with any number of staff is payroll. It has to be done within specific times, there’s tax and national insurance to handle and it can get complicated. Sometimes it can dominate the lives of your HR team and this isn’t what you want them to do. The answer… Read More

The Real Living Wage Increases by 2.9%

According to the Living Wage Foundation, the ‘real’ living wage has increased by 25p to £9 per hour across the UK, a rise of 2.9%. In London, the rate increased by 35p to £10.55 an hour according to mayor Sadiq Khan, a rise of 3.4%. The bigger picture There are now some 4700 employers across… Read More

Keeping your employees happy this Christmas

Christmas can be a difficult time to be at work for employees who celebrate the holiday. We all want to spend time with family and friends, enjoy the holidays and not be at work. But for many businesses, Christmas can be a busy time or a time to take stock ready for the new year… Read More